What's so unique about this staging process?

Susan combines the power of feng shui with her expertise in real estate, visual merchandising and mind-body science to create a memorable, feel-good experience for potential buyers.

This is THE most comprehensive home-staging process available.

SE 40th LR

This listing of mine hit the market In April 2009, the toughest time for seller's in real estate history, Within hours, it received multiple offers including one at full price and it closed 30 days later. This was the first feng shui staging I'd ever done.

It addresses the DEEP as well as the superficial levels of the buyer's experience from the moment they see the listing online to their visit to the property.

It diminishes buyers' potential fears, concerns and anxieties about buying the property.

It creates an authentic and compelling connection for the ideal buyer that makes them feel confident about writing an offer quickly.

This photo and the one below show my listing that received an above-full-price offer its first day on the market.

Don't let listings drain your precious time, energy and well-being.

Let each listing be an experience of giving tremendous value to your seller while you move easily through all the details to a successful close.

Susan can transform ANY listing into one that sells quickly and easily.

This unique staging process will exponentially increase the value you provide to your sellers while making your work easier.

What's the process like?