Do you teach classes?

Yes! I teach "5 Keys to Successful Staging" a practical class for Realtors at their office in which I give simple tools for selling listings more easily and profitably.

Call me at 503-228-0224 to book a class.

How do I know if feng shui is right for my listing?

Very simply. Feng shui can benefit every listing. Even a listing that looks like a slam dunk because those ones can surprise you by being very challenging.

What locations do you serve?

Nassau and Western Suffolk counties on Long Island, NY. 

How much does it cost?

My pricing structure is simple and very competitive.

I'll provide you with a flat-fee quote upon getting the basic property details from you. Please call me at 503-228-0224 to discuss.

What if I have questions AFTER the staging?

I'm available to answer your questions and provide additional recommendations, as needed until the house closes for no additional fee.

Ready to book a class or a staging?

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