The Staging Process

This listing of mine was initially overpriced due to my inability to convince the sellers otherwise. Some real estate transactions are just more dramatic than others. Read on below...

During my initial visit, I assess the property and also complete as much of the staging as possible.

Within 24 hours of the initial visit, I'll provide you and your seller with a Staging Plan: a concise checklist of action steps to prepare the house for a quick and easy sale.

If there's more to do, l'll return to finalize the staging.

The Staging Plan takes a mountain of work off your shoulders, making life so much easier for you and your seller.

Two days after the sellers finally agreed to drop the price to an appropriate number, they received a full-price offer. The buyer was moving from out of state to be near her daughter and newborn granddaughter. The location was PERFECT and she loved the house. But...there was a big surprise in store...

Each Staging Plan is a unique blueprint for success.

  • Each property and situation is unique and I create a unique Staging Plan for it.
  • I take into account your seller's ideal timeline and budget.
  • Staging Plans can be completed within 2 weeks in most cases.


Staging Plan Action Steps often include:

  • Removing furniture, personal belongings, artwork, and accessories.
  • Repairs and cosmetic upgrades (as minimal as possible).
  • Thorough-cleaning.
  • Strategically re-arranging furniture, artwork and accessories.
  • Strategically adding one or more items.
  • Space-clearing.

Two weeks before our closing date, part of the house burnt down after a spark from the neighbor's barbeque started a fire., Because the house had attracted an IDEAL BUYER who was 100% committed, the deal closed on schedule. 

My multi-layered approach which combines feng shui, real estate experience, visual merchandising and mind-body science is the ONLY one of its kind.

EVERY listing can benefit from this unique form of feng shui staging.